The Notorious B.I.G.’s Son CJ Wallace Visits Hot 97’s ‘Ebro In The Morning’ Show (Video)

November 5, 2014 0

The seed of one of the greatest rappers to ever pick up a mic, dead or alive, CJ Wallace stopped by The ‘Ebro In The Morning‘ Show while in NYC to chop it up with Ebro & Rosenberg about his acting career & new movies he’s been working on (Kicks, being the most recent). After clearing up any gay rumors that might be out there, they continued on about his rap group Origami Prophets (which his buddy Tedy Andreas that he brought to the show with him is apart of) & him pursuing a bit of a rap career as well.

CJ had already made it known that he wants to kick a freestyle for Ebro before he could even ask him to do so, as he does every artists that sits in his chair. Lets hear it boy!

I know he’s tired of being referred to as “Biggie’s son” though..

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