Dame Dash Says He Used To Bop On Stage With Jay-Z Because Jay Was “Terrible On Stage” (Video)

June 4, 2015 0

Let’s all just stop bringing up HOV’s name in any conversation with Dame Dash… how does that sound? Yeah, I know, it’s not going to happen..

Dame Dash’s latest conversation speaking on Jay-Z took place in a video interview with Boyce Watkins. He told “The Breakfast Club” during his last visit on the show that he didn’t want to keep talking about Jay in his interviews, but that clearly isn’t the case–anytime you mention him to that man, he has something to say.

During their interview, Watkins asked Dame why would he go on stage so much during the Roc-A-Fella era being that he wasn’t a rapper himself. Being that Dame was in fact a CEO of the company, he made it clear that he hated doing so, but for the sake of the company, he would do it to liven up the show because “Jay had no personality on stage” in his early performance days.

See below for the full quote:

You’ll do anything for your business. Even things you don’t like doing. I didn’t like being on stage. I hated it,” said Dash. “Jay had no presence on that stage. He was terrible on stage – no personality.

He then went on to claim that a vast majority of Jay-Z’s current success at his concerts is due to the fact that he has a slew of hit records. He also said that HOV was an introvert, & so his presence on stage during his shows was necessary to keep the energy rocking. I wouldn’t necessarily call that a shot, but it does seem like Dame never has anything positive to say these days when it comes to Shawn Carter. I’m just saying..

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