Ebro Takes Serayah McNeil’s Character “Tiana” In “Empire” A Little Too Seriously (Video)

February 13, 2015 0

Sereyah McNeil! Welcome to Hot 97! So, who IS Sereyah McNeil?

No.. that isn’t how this interview went at all. Ebro literally referred to McNeil as Tiana throughout the entire interview (lol). He even went as far as to ask her is she just like the character she plays in the hit Fox series, “Empire”.

Have you ever layed around & kissed a white girl? Have you ever dated a rapper? Have you ever walked into a rappers dressing room & have sex with him on the floor? Has Taraji P. Henson ever managed you before?

All the things “Tiana” does on the show does not occur in the real life of Serayah McNeil.. except the singing. She actually is a recording artist. We learned that music is a higher priority than acting for her & she actually landed that role because of a friend of hers whose mother is a casting director.

The content of this interview was absolutely hilarious. Ebro, Empire is just a show. It isn’t real. Haha!

We do learn a little more about McNeil as the interview goes on. Check it out.

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