Mike Tyson Talks His First Time Meeting Tupac On Whoolywood Shuffle (Video)

November 6, 2015 0

Am I the only one who can never take Mike Tyson seriously? (lol). He’s a goof, but so is DJ Whoo Kid with that Star Wars outfit he has on during their interview.

On the day of Halloween, Whoo Kid & Mike Tyson sat down for a very entertaining interview to talk randomness.

During their conversation, Whoo Kid talked about the Tupac radio mix he had made & asked Tyson to share one of his crazy stories, I suppose to coincide with the festive day of Halloween. Tyson’s crazy story was about the first time he’d ever met Pac.

Back in the day before Tupac was the man we knew him to be, before he “left this world”, Tyson saw him struggling with the guards at an upscale nightclub who wouldn’t let him in. Tyson had the guards let Pac in, & Pac rushed the joint & bought about 50 folks from his entourage with him. Nec thing you know, they’re all on stage rocking out.

A few years later when Tyson was incarcerated, Pac wrote him in jail thanking him for what he had done at the club years prior. They began writing one another back & forth, building a relationship, & then Pac eventually began coming to the jail to visit him.

The conversation diverged to other random conversations, like if Tyson would ever let Drake date his daughter, being naked with Madonna, what makes someone “legendary” (talking about comparisons to Floyd Mayweather), & more.

As far as Drizzy, he’s already made it clear he wants to settle down with a Canadian chick. Aint no hope for your babygirl anyway, Tyson. Haha!

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