Nino Cappuccino – “The King Of Watts” Featuring Bun B & Chino XL

July 2, 2016 0

Backed with a varied scholastic background in film, acting and directing, Nino Cappuccino, is releasing a new docu-drama film called The King of Watts. The film is a partnership presented by two CEOs in Nino Cappuccino and Bun B as II TRILL ENT and II TRILL WEST.

The King of Watts is a story about the hard-core streets of Watts, California, seen through the eyes of one of the most notorious ex-gang leaders of Watts in the heart of Los Angeles.

Taking you on a never before seen journey through the Watts’ Nickerson Gardens Projects, The King of Watts gives viewers raw and un-cut footage showing in-depth story behind the lives that are directly impacted by gangs and the choices that individuals must make to survive.

The King of Watts gives viewers an unprecedented look at life in Watts, as Nino Cappuccino and Bun B give candid performances showing what it means to “Keep Ur Ear 2 Tha Streets.” The film also features acting by Kenyon Kadosh’a Gilbert, Gregory “Hitman” Jones and David “Hollywood” Harrell.

“One of the most amazing motion pictures is about to be released and it’s executive produced by Nino Cappuccino and me, Bun B. It’s a real real strong visual description of what really happens in the streets of Los Angeles and to match that, you have an amazing musical soundtrack executive produced by myself and Nino Cappuccino,” Bun B explained.

The King of Watts soundtrack features a host of songs by Nino Cappuccino and Bun B along with some special guests.

“This is going to be an amazing soundtrack that’s going to complement an amazing film and its really going to set the musical industry and the movie industry on FIRE when we release itRemember this is not something you’ve seen before and this is not something you’ve heard before. This is going to blow the roof off the entertainment industry when it hits the streets,” Bun B explained.

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