YG Signs His 4Hunnid Label To Interscope!

August 19, 2016 0

YG-Brandon-Moore-Joie-Manda-John-Janick-2016-billboard-1548-630x417-500x331 YG Signs His 4Hunnid Label To Interscope!

YG has really made it, the new West coast icon inked a deal with Interscope to  bring his 4Hunnid Records imprint to life. Billboard got a chance to talk to YG and his business partner Brandon Moore about signing the multi-million dollar deal with Interscope Records, which you can check here.

YG on owning his label:

What do you think Joie saw in you as a potential label boss?
Joie just knew about my success [and 4Hunnid’s] success story. He knew all the people that was moving with me. He brought Sickamore up under him and you know Sick is a whole part of my situation so he just seen that it’s not too many people from the streets that made it out the West Coast — the new West Coast. He saw that we knew what to do like attack the Internet and the streets, make hit records, touring — we was covering all bases. There’s a lot of artists that don’t really know everything about the music business like they’re all just scrapping through to get on but Joie knew we knew that because we did it for ourselves. It’s just the whole camp — me, Ty and Mustard — really was homies before everybody had their success. Just three motherf–kers who popped off and became successful from nothing — that’s big.

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