2Tone Vs. Q.Will – “The City Is Alive”

August 29, 2016 0

After a string of shootings in their home town of Austin, Texas and with police brutality and community relations reaching a boiling point, tension in the city of Austin is at an all-time high. As such 2 Tone vs Q Will, one of Austin’s most dynamic rap duos, have returned with a captivating visual that speaks to some of the injustices seen across the U.S.

Spawned by trips back and forth from Atlanta to Austin, 2 Tone vs Q Will have frequented the pride of Georgia nearly every month this year and plan to do so more frequently as A3C approaches.

“The City is Alive is a depiction of all the good and bad things that can occur in one’s city. The actual term “The City is Alive” refers to all the madness that one may see, whether it be drugs, strippers, police, snitching, partying, or etc. the city is awake and you can feel it,” 2 Tone explained.

Since may this duo has made strides garnering posts on sites like YHTN, Boi-1da.net, HipHopSince1987 and many more. Currently the duo is targeting sites in the south and hopes to build on their rapidly growing fan base in ATL.

Raised together in Austin, 2 Tone vs Q Will are blood cousins who got their start on the Austin Hip-Hop scene with the popular albums Beautiful Music 1 & Beautiful Music 2.

“With all the chaos going on in the world – from shootings to promiscuous women, this song captures the positive and negative sides that you may encounter on a ride through the town. May you paint the city red, and make memories rather than become a memory,” Q Will added.

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