I Got Big Bowls……Pause! (Cereal Review Series) (Episodes 20-23) (Video)

November 27, 2016 0

bowls-500x281 I Got Big Bowls......Pause! (Cereal Review Series) (Episodes 20-23) (Video)

Food lovers around the world can always appreciate a good meal for breakfast lunch or dinner! Crunch Time Media’s own E1DON has created a new weekly cereal review series entitled “I Got Big Bowls……Pause!”.

On Episode 20 of “I Got Big Bowls…..Pause!”, E1DON talks of two different brands we got Millville VS Kellogs in the battle of FROSTED FLAKES. Lets see if the generic Aldis brand can stand up against the cereal giant Kellogs with our host @e1don and this weeks guest from ABL radio show the Download Tai Saint Boogie and Lurch.

Checkout Espisodes 20-23 below and stay tuned weekly to HHS1987.com for new episodes of “I Got Big Bowls……Pause!”. Checkout previous episodes here. The series “I Got Big Bowls…..Pause!” is shot by Danny Digitall.

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