Review: Jered Sanders – Nobody Famous. (Project Stream)

January 28, 2017 0

JS-500x500 Review: Jered Sanders - Nobody Famous. (Project Stream)

How many rappers can you say are focusing on the ART of rap these days? That’s a question that inevitably leaves you to ponder on a real response because the game has been changed forever. Luckily, there are emcee’s like Viginia’s very own, Jered Sanders, that still believe in original flows, thought-provoking wordplay, and the boom bap raps, as I like to call it.

From front to back, this album screams Hip-Hop. That of which the pioneering legends and those that respect the foundation of the culture can appreciate. With what sounds like a live band on each and every track, Sanders talks real life. Touching on things like the affinity for the finer things in life and working to get to them, dreaming, and what his life was like coming up in VA, Jered is providing a sonically appealing collective that offers a relatable story for everyone that chooses to listen.

Records like his title track, Nobody Famous, serve almost as the focal point for the project. The record features an artist by the name of Dee Black who offers a few words in-between verses, giving the track the same feel of Audio Push & Jill Scott’s collaboration, Juveniles. 

This album is an extremely triumphant body of work. The beautiful part is its apparent what type of ethic was put into its process, down to the transitions and interludes.

Nobody Famous is now available for purchase via iTunes.

Stream the LP in full here.

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