Westside KJ Talks Growing Up Hip-Hop, Rocafella Records, His Project ‘Kobe x Shaq’, Celtics & More on TheseUrbanTimes (Video)

December 29, 2017 0

Recently, up and coming Hip-Hop talent Westside KJ joined Terrell Thomas at the desk on These Urban Times to discuss his new project ‘Kobe x Shaq’, growing up Hip-Hop, childhood around Rocafella Records and more.


With his new project ‘Kobe x Shaq’ picking up stream here in the South, we had to sit down with Westside KJ to get a deeper understanding of his sound and where he wants to take his career. Growing up with a Mother who has worked with in music for years with Def Jam, Jeezy and many others, and a Father who runs with Jay Z and Rocafella Records, KJ explained how Hip-Hop has shaped his life.


KJ spoke on his goals for the year 2018, his upcoming projects, and his love for the Boston Celtics. He gave us some insight on what’s next and if he believes the Celtics can dethrone the Cleveland Cavaliers in the East.


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