From Nothing to Everything: Hairbae is changing Hip Hop Culture with Seamoss

September 3, 2019 0

0-403x500 From Nothing to Everything: Hairbae is changing Hip Hop Culture with Seamoss

Meet this natural hair product provider and critic, Luchiani also known as Hair Bae. The purple hair muse hailing from Hillside, NJ has been traveling the nation with “The Hairbae Tour,” but unlike the average tour, this one was used to bring awareness to the hip hop community.


Hair has always been a major part of hip hop from the waves, braids, low tops and curls and Seamoss is going to keep the hair culture alive but in a healthy way. Hairbae has interviewed with top stylists throughout the U.S., letting each one showcase their skill and giving a review on them so they can be #hairbaeapproved. He insists on helping others with maintaining the health of their hair while avoiding chemical-based products.


“What really inspired me was my manager/CEO and cousin @therealmossgod. One day we were out and people were constantly asking me about my hair and how I got it so full and healthy so we figured instead of answering those questions one by one why don’t we build a platform where people can get all the tips/tricks I have to maintain my hair.”

0-1-401x500 From Nothing to Everything: Hairbae is changing Hip Hop Culture with Seamoss

His hair products are all purple seamoss based products and are 100% natural. When he isn’t getting his hair braided or preparing purple seamoss for his products, he is probably promoting a healthy eating lifestyle, listening to music, and traveling the world. He is currently working on expanding his brand by shedding light on the hairstylists not only in America but the entire world. He wants to be able to bring the hip hop and hair community together.


Seamoss is a product that can be eaten and blended with smoothies. It’s used as lotion, and on hair as well in the form of braiding gel. All of these do one thing, feed your body 92 out of the 102 minerals that makes up the human body. Nothing can compare to Seamoss. Seamoss is rare and exclusive and he has it. Most hair products clog your pours from skin to hair follicles, Seamoss doesn’t. It’s literally the future.


“A lot of people don’t know that sea moss is the main ingredient in my hair products and that’s what I’ve been using to maintain the healthiness of my hair. I also wanted to bring awareness to the braiding and styling community I feel they don’t get enough credit for the work and dedication they put in. Some people see it as just a hobby or a profession but others take it as art and want to be able to shed light on that.”


He plans on continuing to expand the brand through social media awareness, hard work and consistency. He wants to reach influencers, amazing stylists as well as artists in the hip hop community.


“I feel like the key to expanding the brand with social media is being consistent and relatable. The more consistent I am the more familiar people would be with my brand it’ll help build that brand recognition I’m looking for. Social media also helps with building trust between me and the consumer and that’s always a plus.”

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