Daytona Starsky – MOON (EP Stream)

July 29, 2019 0

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“It’s the idea that there is an infinity out there that keeps me thinking and inspired. My music is the result of these mental explorations of the stars and the sky.”—Daytona Starsky on the inspiration for his new EP, MOON



The moon has been a source of inspiration for humans for millennia, and it will no doubt continue to be for as long as we exist. And as we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, self-proclaimed “space boy” Daytona Starsky releases his highly anticipated debut EP, MOON. From the futuristic and sonically rich production to the passionate vocals, the four-track project captures the moods and vibes we all associate with space travel.



Of course, none of this should be surprising if you’ve been following Starsky’s meteoric rise since early 2018, when he released his celestial visuals for the EP’s lead single, “Space Boy.” In the ensuing months, the Dutch-born, Brooklyn-based artist continued honing his sound and perfecting every element of his skill set. The results of his hard work are evident as soon as you hear the EP’s second track, “Vulture Song,” an intergalactic banger with infectious vocals. That sentiment holds true for the remaining tracks, “Electricity” and “Shooting Stars, Falling Skies,” that leave their own intoxicating mark on the listener.



MOON is the sound of an artist coming into his own and embracing the eccentricities that make his art unique. Starsky’s sound is singular and is thusly indebted to a wide range of influences who range from Andre 3000 to David Bowie. The very fact that he can pull from varying genres, from hip-hop to psychedelia to electronic music, and mix them into something so palatable is more than noteworthy; it’s almost unheard of.


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