J. Bizz Presents: Greetings From Virginia, Vol.1 (EP)

June 25, 2019 0

0-1-500x500 J. Bizz Presents: Greetings From Virginia, Vol.1 (EP)

J.Bizz has spent the last few years traveling the globe and meeting new people from different walks of life. Often times while traveling people would ask where he was from and when he responded “Richmond, Virginia”, most people would usually respond with a blank stare as if to say “and where is that?” Given these reactions along with the current state and growth of music in recent years he decided to put together a body of work that could not only represent Richmond but Virginia as a whole.

0-1-1-500x500 J. Bizz Presents: Greetings From Virginia, Vol.1 (EP)

J.Bizz executive produced and titled the collection of music “Greetings From Virginia, Vol.1” For Bizz the project not only represents unity but also demonstrates group economics. Bizz has been utilizing his musical platform to help push the culture forward while introducing new ways in which artist can collaborate musically for mutual financial gains. Several artists from Richmond and surrounding areas are featured in the project. Each track highlights a different homegrown artist. 


“Everyone is working to help bring a market to the city. The best way to do so is to create revenue. I look at this compilation project as a means to create revenue by utilizing our resources as a group”, stated J.Bizz when asked about group economics and the role it played in putting together this project. Each artist featured on Greetings From Virginia has a strong following and a platform. Each artist has their own separate fan base, fans listening to a verse from their favorite artist will be exposed to several different artist on this project. “If the fan so happens to enjoy the song and verse from a particular artist, they then can click the artist name and explore their catalog”, said J.Bizz. Artists on Greetings From Virginia: Volume 1 include: J. Bizz, Radio B, Noah O, Illa Styles, Wavanatti, Bigal Harrison, Tyrone Leake Jr., J. Barber, OG Illa, Nick Verses, Michael Millions, Joey Gallo, Sam Reed, XhefBoy, 3WaySlim, MidLo, Ricah Real, Ed Da Realist, and Nickelus F! The entire project was produced by Sutta Homz and narrated by Jordan “Jayo” Davis.


Greeting From Virginia: Volume 1 is OUT NOW and available on all streaming platforms. “The goal is to continue to release more volumes with more dope artist from VA,” says J.Bizz. Virginia has always been known for great musicians. There was a recent Forbes article that highlighted Richmond, Virginia as one of the top cities for underground music. Projects like these will continue to shine light on the Virginia music scene.

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