KENNY BEATS & OMAR APOLLO FREESTYLE | The Cave: Season 2 – Episode 4

December 13, 2019 0

maxresdefault-16 KENNY BEATS & OMAR APOLLO FREESTYLE | The Cave: Season 2 - Episode 4


Yes, The Cave has historically featured the making of beats and the rappers that rap over those beats, but what is a show without evolution and expansion? Did The Wire not explore a different Baltimore institution with each season? Did Spongebob Squarepants shy away from innovation out of some misplaced sense of fear that in doing so it may alienate its core audience? The answer, as you may have already deduced, is “no.” And in our case, what this all means is that for the first time in our beloved program’s history are we bringing true instrumentation into the creative process. This week’s esteemed guest and former Guitar Center sales associate, Omar Apollo, turns the studio into a veritable jam session by busting out the bass guitar and rigging its output to Kenny’s Ableton grid. What results is something truly new and refreshing. Once Omar’s impromptu bassline is layered among Kenny’s drums, everyone is ready for the magic to emerge from the vocal booth. And emerge it does, in angelic fashion. As though not enough firsts had already been achieved at this point in the episode, Omar’s freestyle verse is not only sung, but it is also bilingual. Indeed, The Cave has been rendered an international broadcast. We’re global now. TWITTER: @omarapollo IG: @omar.apollo The Cave is a bi-weekly freestyle series hosted by Kenny Beats featuring a new artist each episode. One 10 minute beat from Kenny, 16-32 bars from a friend, every other week. Shot & Edited by @sirasounds Animations by @em0n33y


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