April 25, 2020 0

Born in Tulsa, Oklahom Lee Littles from a young age had a talent for music as he could often be seen playing the drums. Little did he know that he’d been setting the groundwork for what would become a career in music. Shortly after Lee Littles would move to Baton Rouge, Louisiana where his love for music would further be molded by the sounds of No Limit Records, Cash Money Records, Soulja Slim and a lot other legendary Louisiana artists. It was these influences that helped Lee Littles create his own style that incorporated the story telling of Master P and the lyrical bars of Louisianan Lil Wayne.

Originally starting his career as a producer Lee Littles was fully engulfed in the sound of Louisiana. But it was the words and the lyrics kept calling him and inevitably making him step from behind the boards and step into the booth where he shined, and has continued to shine as seen on his latest single “TKO”. It’s here that he spits one of his most quotable lines, “My name Littles no ‘S’ bruh I use a dollar sign.” It’s lines like this that give Lee Littles the potential to be great. And as he gears up for his highly anticipated EP which has been years in the making, it’s clear that only he can stop him from reaching greatness.

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