Victoria Elizabeth – Last Call (EP)

March 17, 2020 0

On her immediately gripping new EP, Charlotte, NC singer/songwriter Victoria Elizabeth expertly channels the ups, downs, and aftermath of a relationship that lasted about two and a half years. Looking back on the experience, she refers to it as intoxicating—and the same can be said for Last Call. With the help of her producers, Victoria instills a refined blend of R&B and hip-hop into the projects six tracks, creating a hybrid sound all her own.


Given what she put into writing Last Call, namely the emotional realness that permeates the record, it’s no surprise that Victoria was influenced by a range of artists including Rihanna, James Brown, and J. Cole. You can hear a similar range of styles and complexity on opening track “Honey,” a sticky-sweet tune produced by frequent collaborator LCS. They provided the production for several other standout cuts, including the confident “Airplane Mode (No Worries)” and raw “Tell Me That You Need Me.”


The remainder of Last Call boasts production from Movidos Por Games, Yonas-K, and Kevin Katana, the last of whom provided the beat for the superbly-gripping “Missed Call.” This track showcases Victoria at her best as she flaunts both her vocals and her rapping skills over a stunning instrumental. And like the rest of the EP, “Missed Call” is just that real sh*t.


After all, as Victoria tells it, her music is shaped by the life she lives. “I try never to do anything that isn’t right with my soul,” she says when describing her creative process. The world could use more artists who share that sentiment, but until that happens, we’re lucky to have Last Call to hold on to.


Last Call is available now through all major digital retailers and streaming platforms via Supreme Regime. Follow @eldorado2452 on Twitter and Instagram for all your music and entertainment news.

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