03 Greedo & Ron-Ron’s album Load It Up, Vol. 01, ft. Chief Keef, Sada Baby, more

August 18, 2020 0

unnamed-25 03 Greedo & Ron-Ron's album Load It Up, Vol. 01, ft. Chief Keef, Sada Baby, more


Load It Up, Vol. 01, is a return to form for LA rap luminary 03 Greedo. Since beginning his incarceration, Greedo has been steadily releasing music, dropping three full lengths in 2019 with three different producers: MustardTravis Barker, and Kenny Beats. On Load It Up, Vol. 1, Greedo links with his longtime producer Ron-Ron. They fit like a glove, with Ron-Ron’s bassy, spacey production backing Greedo’s warbly melodies. It’s less rappity-rap than his projects of last year, and IMO, it’s Greedo at his best — experimenting with vocal runs and talking romantic shit, drug shit, and any other shit he wants. This project comes in light of disappointing news that Greedo was not granted parole from his prison stay in Texas. While Greedo’s freedom hangs in the balance, he was able to record a special introduction to the album, calling in from the Middleton Unit where he’s currently away.


“This album is some real Greedo music, it gets back to what I was doing when I was coming up. I call it Creep Music. Creep music is the grimy sound of Watts. It’s music for the people in the streets trooping, doing drugs, and tripping. I hope this tape helps people appreciate what Ron-Ron does as a producer. Nobody else can make creep music like he does and when we get together we shut it down. I’ve experimented with a lot of styles since my early days in Watts, but I’ve improved so much. This album is like a more polished version of the music I made when I was first starting.” 
— 03 Greedo

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