June 21, 2020 0

You all know him from the video with @gunjin

But what Is he up to now?

Dash Mylo has been spending time with the ones around him, quietly working on his craft and image. He has taken a role as a mentor in his neighborhood and always offers support to his friends and family who are also working on becoming artists. 

He is the leader of Project 2one5, a Hip-Hop/R&B trio from Philadelphia. When he is not working with the group, he works on writing songs and doing promotional posts on his instagram. 

He recently dropped a music video for a song called Da 6ix. The song is all about paying homage to where he came from and to the family whom he grew up with. 

He also just dropped an Album on Youtube called Different Stages. The 9 track Album goes into Dash’s thoughts and emotions while also flexing his incredible ability to sing. My favorite track on the album is called Scream.  


We are unsure about what Dash is going to come out with next. He told me in a short interview that as long as he keeps applying pressure like the way he is now, there is no doubt in his mind that he, and his family, is up next. 

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