ARTISTNAMELEON Becoming conscious of his imminent music greatness

July 22, 2020 0

ARTISTNAMELEONLOCKEDIN-401x500 ARTISTNAMELEON Becoming conscious of his imminent music greatness

Lyrics below represent reflect the artistic vision and legend of “ARTISTNAMELEON”.

They tryna see me without

They tryna cover my route

They plan on bringing me down

Can’t keep a real nigga down

I’ll always find my way out

You know I’m smarter than them

I’ma go harder than them

West side they know what we bout

East side they know what we bout

Might put them golds in my mouth

Just so they know what I’m bout

Used to sell drugs out the house

Now I just work out the house

Back when my pockets was slim

Used to go half a nick

Now I roll up by the eighth

You don’t know nothing bout me

I had to struggle my way

Now I look back like okay

Proud that I did it my way

I got some music to make

Ain’t no more playing it safe

I see the thrown up for takes

You had a year it was great

Heard your new shit it was straight

They know I’m back on my wave

I know they’re very afraid

I’m jogging on the white sands of South Beach Miami, Florida, trying to exercise and clear my mind to consume positive energy. Blaring through my “Beats By Dre,” Pro headphones is “Locked In” by an emerging force in Hip-Hop aptly named “ARTISTNAMELEON.” One of the cool factors of being a professional journalist in the world of music is “discovery.”

A real journalist is always in pursuit of life components that challenge our inner being and imagination. “Locked In” commands a different type of attention, because of the vulnerability, passion, and undisputed artistic vision it emits. His music production synchronizes perfectly with the emotional and sonic vibe pattern of his rap delivery. In most cases, indie artists can’t find the proper balance between mass-appeal and quality street music.

ARTISTNAMELEON is blessed with a rare music gift of instinct and finding intricate words of vocal impact. The theme of “Locked In” is designed for any Millennial dreaming of fulfilling their destiny without compromise. ARTISTNAMELEON enables listeners to explore their deepest feelings and fears in real-time. I usually don’t jog unless my mind is racing and needs to be at peace. Trying to keep my sanity during this COVID-19 pandemic has presented unimaginable trials. Music is my #1 option for therapy. “Locked In” doesn’t disappoint, and I understand why “ARTISTNAMELEON” senses greatness is “closer than before.”

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