Best Music Streaming Services for Students

June 6, 2020 0

If you are a student who is tired of getting a cheap essay and now wants to take some rest, then this is the time to look for the finest streaming options. The fact is that the internet and social media have made our lives easy and better than ever. It is now very easy for a person to turn to the internet and choose a good streaming website to listen to songs and to watch certain movies. If you are looking for a decent number of options, then you do not need to look here and there as we present you with a comprehensive list to choose your favorite option from.


Spotify needs no introduction. It is one of the finest and best music discovery platforms on the internet. I have seen many people especially writers and editors of paper writing service praising this company. They are of the view that they turn to Spotify whenever they feel tired and want to have some fun.

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The website has millions of subscribers and is by far, the best on-demand streaming service in the world. It can be accessed using any mobile, computer, or tablet device. This means whether you are using an Android device or a desktop or iOS, you can always have a seamless and incredible experience with this website.

Apple Music

Apple Music is the best music streaming service. It is famous among Apple users and has hundreds to thousands of subscribers. Furthermore, the platform gets millions of views every single month.

One of my friends provides students with cheap essay. He once said that there are many reasons for a student to try Apple Music. The first one is that it is one of the top and most famous music streaming services. The second one is that you can integrate it with any type of stuff without any major issue. Another benefit of trying Apple Music is that it is suitable for iTunes loves and those who have enough spare time and want to spend it on some productive and good things.

Google Play Music

Google Play Music provides people with plenty of streaming options and choices. It will cost you something every single month or year. A subscriber typically pays up to $10 per month, and if you get a family plan, then you need to pay only $15 per month. Let us tell you that this plan is suitable for not more than six people. This means if you have more than six people in your family, then this plan won’t be suitable for you. In case you are a student who is a little tired of YouTube music, then you can go with the $5 per month plan or choose the $99 per year plan.

Amazon Prime Music

Amazon Prime Music is one of the top music services. The service is suitable to those who just want to press the play button and walk away. If you are a student or someone who is tired of the day-to-day tasks and wants some relaxation or moments of joy, then Pandora is the right kind of service for you.

As far as the subscription charges are concerned, Pandora is one of those streaming platforms where free ad-based radio services are provided if someone pays $5 every single month. Another option is that you should pay nearly $10 per month ad-free on-demand music streaming. This service is regarded as Pandora Premium. The third option or plan is good for the whole family. For this plan, you need to pay up to $15 per month, and for students, the charges are $5 per month. 

If you want to get a paper writing service while listening to your favorite song, then you can switch to any of your favorite sites and choose this option meanwhile for the music. The last option we are going to share is for military officers. It is that they have to pay $8 per month per member or officer.


A student has a lot of things to do on a daily basis. He or she may remain busy while at school or college, and when they come back home, they want to sit and relax. So, you can always turn to Deezer and choose from a big list of soundtracks. One of the best parts is that this website has been recommended by top platforms like Essay Bro. Besides, it is suitable not only for students but also for music explorers, podcast junkies, and streaming newcomers.

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Google Play Music 

A friend of mine works at Perfec Essay. He once said that one of the best things about Google Play Music is that it features more than 35 million tracks, which means you won’t have a short of options and can subscribe to this service for as long as you want.

All these music services are good in their own ways and have their unique perks. There are many other options too, but as we are talking about the services for students, we’d like to say that the options we have discussed above are really very good. They have different subscription options and provide the listener or user with plenty of tracks. As a student, you can go with any of these services and enjoy your favorite tracks from the comfort of your home.


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