Blake Yung Teams Up With Supah Mario for “Dronez”

September 29, 2020 0

Originally from South Carolina & now Based in LA, rising artist Blake Yung delivers his latest single and visual for “Dronez.” The record was written by Blake Yung and produced by none other than Supah Mario, who has past collaborations with superstars like Drake, Lil Uzi Vert, and more.

Blake Yung is a diverse artist that has cultivated his own sound, honing in on his melodic voice and complex lyrics to separate himself from the pack. Initially, Blake Yung used to go by “Capo Cheeze” before undergoing a rebrand into Blake Yung. It was in these early stages of his career that Blake began cultivating a relationship with Supah Mario, who at the time was his neighbor in South Carolina. Before connecting on their newest release Dronez, Blake Yung and Supah Mario have worked on a few previous singles – Euphoria & Picture Perfect.

Blake’s newest single, “Dronez,” Is a trippy, left-field song, that is set to be the lead single off of his upcoming project, “Leader of the Lost Souls.” The upcoming project is executive produced by Supah Mario and the lead single Dronez is accompanied by a must-see visual that you can watch here.  

Blake-Yung-Pic- Blake Yung Teams Up With Supah Mario for “Dronez”

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