Dougie OTB Talks New Deal With Dream Chasers, Meek Mill’s “1942 Flows” Going Platinum, & More

April 30, 2020 0

Renowned Philadelphia-bred producer Dougie On The Beat recently signed to Meek Mill‘s Dream Chasers label, and to top it off, his first RIAA placement was ironically Meek Mill’s “1942 Flows,” which just certified platinum. Only in his early 20’s, Dougie On The Beat is securing his name in the hip-hop industry as one of the greats.

Here are a few highlighted Q&A’s from the beginning of the virtual interview:

Alanna Milan: How did you get that (Dream Chasers) deal?

Dougie OTB: Nah I was um, I really like I just was grinding I was hustling, running into a couple people like… I was in the studio one day, and uh Teefy (Bey), from Do4Self (ent), he had made a call to Meek while I was playing beats, and had him on FaceTime and was like uh, “Yeah, young bull got some fire I hear you on it.” That’s how it went. He said he heard Meek on FaceTime, “Yeah tell him to send me some beats.” He sent him an email, and then from there we just was connecting.

Alanna Milan: Working! And when did you sign? Like when exactly did it happen?

Dougie OTB: I signed like after, probably like a year after I did the record for him. ‘Cause you know um, I did three ones– three tracks on his album and then they reached out and was like, “Yeah we ready to uh, we wanna work with you we wanna sign with you.”

Alanna Milan: On (Meek Mill) “Wins and Losses” right?

Dougie OTB: Mhm.

Alanna Milan: Okay, and how does that feel like… I know you from Philly. So how does it feel to you know, have your name attached to somebody coming from greatness out of such a hard city to get out of? Like you know what I’m saying?

Dougie OTB: It feels good. It feels like the hard work paid off because you know I endured a lot to get where I had to be at.

To watch the full interview, stream below: 

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