Interview with “Team Beast Entertainment” – King Lo & TBE Mus’ab

August 7, 2020 0
storage_6666-6232_Gallery_Photo-Shoots_FB_IMG_1555212678873-500x500 Interview with "Team Beast Entertainment" - King Lo & TBE Mus’ab
How many shows have you done together?
we’ve done more shows than we can count over the years we’ve performed at festivals, parties, bars, concerts, you name it
What is the most recent song you guys have done?
“Facing down my demons” produced by Hollywood of Team Beast featuring TBE Mus’ab & King Lo
Have you guys been staying busy during quarantine?
Yes! Always, we both recently upgraded our home studios so we’ve been real busy making new heat for our fans and supporters
If only one of you guys got offered a deal would you guys split up ?
No, we’re grown we know how we would handle that situation we know if one of us blows we all blow that’s just how it goes, TBE4L
What is next for TBE ?
We’re gonna keep grinding and keep networking and making connections in this game , we got a lot to offer , TBE Mus’ab has an album that will be dropping soon called “In The mind of a Madman” and King Lo is also working on an Untitled album at the moment both will be ready real soon! More info to come as it becomes available follow us on our social media to stay up to date! @teambeastent
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