Introducing IncredibulTut! (Video)

August 13, 2020 0

Mockup-500x320 Introducing IncredibulTut! (Video)


Or simply, TuT, a rising star in the music industry who continues to grow as both an individual and an artist. From dealing with homelessness – resorting to living out of his car – to making a life-changing move from Philly to LA, TuT’s resilience, perseverance and determination have contributed to is relentless work ethic.

Focusing his energy, finances, and time on his artistry, TuT’s love for music is apparent in his own. What began in a friend’s garage, recording on a computer mic, has developed into a creative outlet and career path for a young man on the constant lookout for hope and truth. TuT hopes to inspire not only other artists but individuals across the globe – in the same way others have inspired him.

With consistent progression, he hopes to use this worldwide influence of Hip Hop to spread his message:

Be what they thought you couldn’t be.

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