Kehlani Drops Self-Directed Video To “Everybody’s Business”

April 17, 2020 0

IMG_3231-1-1-500x291 Kehlani Drops Self-Directed Video To "Everybody's Business"

Grammy-nominated singer, songwriter, and dancer Kehlani just released her new self-directed video to “Everybody’s Business,” a lyrical tribute to her seemingly public dating life and an unapologetic message for not being a “half-ass lover,” as she indicates when she begins the first verse of the song.

Kehlani has been seen in very high-profile relationships, which clearly indicates the lack of privacy that comes with the very public territory. But one thing that can be interpreted through the song is the fact that the public only knows what they can see, and not the entirety of her as a partner.

The self-directed video starts off with examples of headlines about her dating life and takes place in the comfort of her own backyard, zoning out with headphones and a mic singing the serenading lyrics. Stream “Everybody’s Business” below:



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