Hailstackz Pays Tribute to Kehlani with New Single “Kehlani”

February 17, 2024 0

WhatsApp-Image-2024-02-17-at-7.29.11-PM-281x500 Hailstackz Pays Tribute to Kehlani with New Single "Kehlani"

Rising hip-hop artist Hailstackz is set to release his latest single, “Kehlani,” on April 24th, coinciding with the birthday of the renowned R&B singer and songwriter, Kehlani. Inspired by the immense talent and beauty of Kehlani, Hailstackz aims to honor her through his music with this heartfelt tribute.

Having been a fan of Kehlani’s work since his introduction to her music, Hailstackz felt compelled to create a single that celebrates her artistry and influence in the music industry. With her soulful vocals and captivating lyrics, Kehlani has left an indelible mark on both Hailstackz and countless other artists and fans worldwide.

“Kehlani” is more than just a song for Hailstackz; it’s a sincere expression of admiration and respect for the artist who has inspired him. Through his lyrics and music, Hailstackz seeks to convey the depth of his appreciation for Kehlani’s talent and the impact she has had on him personally and artistically.

Accompanying the single will be a music video that further captures the essence of Kehlani’s artistry and spirit. With its release scheduled for Kehlani’s birthday, the video serves as a fitting tribute to the artist, showcasing Hailstackz’s creative vision and dedication to honoring her legacy.

As “Kehlani” prepares to make its debut, fans can anticipate a heartfelt and soulful tribute that pays homage to one of the music industry’s most beloved talents. Hailstackz’s passion for music and his admiration for Kehlani shines through in this latest single, promising a memorable and moving listening experience for all.

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