August 3, 2020 0

11-500x500 LXST - UPSET

Emotive lyricist Lxst (pronounced Lost) has released a passionate new single, “Upset,” that speaks to the conflicted feelings in us all. Released today through PIVTL Projects, the melodic song explores the hesitation that comes with falling in love again. It’s a warm and festive new taste of the rapper’s bold and constantly evolving aesthetic.

Over an absolutely mesmerizing guitar riff, Lxst delivers a tropic-tinged ode to a partner who keeps him on the fritz. He grooves from side-to-side on the beat, alternating between polished raps and silky smooth melodies that reveal his hesitation to devote his heart to intimacy. There are too many dangers that come with it, too much uncertainty. By the end of the song, he continues contemplating whether he wants to make the leap, ironically while the listener actually ends up falling for the music.

“It’s about me wanting someone to hold me down through all the bullshit,” says Lxst about the song. “But regardless I got me.”

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