September 2, 2020 0
Man-killed-in-Portland-as-Trump-supporters-hold-protests MAN KILLED IN PORTLAND AS TRUMP SUPPORTERS HOLD PROTESTS

In Portland, supporters of President Donald Trump were seen to run counter-protesters over as they drove their vehicles and shoot paintball guns at them. Moreover, a man was fatally shot on the street.

As demonstrators are taking to street all over the country and even the world to demand justice for the killings of Black people by police, Portland, Oregon, remains one city that continues to witness civil unrest after many months of Black Lives Matter marches and demonstrations is Portland, Oregon.

Since the death of George Floyd in May, when a police man put his knee on him until he died, it looks like the city as well as its residents have been trending online every day, as the right and the left continue to clash, and protestors continue to seek justice and reforms to put a stop to systemic racism. On Saturday, #PortlandProtests were trending yet again due to a pro-Trump rally took place in the city. Several videos were posted of supporters of Trump clashing with counter-protesters on Twitter and IG.

Many clips have also surfaced, which showcase what looks like Trump supporters trying to run these counter-protesters over with their vehicles, and using paintball guns against them.

That is not even the worst part. According to residents of the city, including some police officer, an individual has been fatally shot. However, it is unclear if the shooting is related to the protests. Many have alleged that a Trump supporter fired the gun. However, we are still awaiting to hear the truth about what had happened and if the claims are true.

It is also reported that authorities quickly rushed towards the victim to tend to him, and according to reports, he is a white male. As the wounds were very serious, it is reported that he passed away eventually.

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