Mark Battles Links With Cozz & Keara Alyse on “Try”

December 3, 2020 0
unnamed-2 Mark Battles Links With Cozz & Keara Alyse on "Try"

As we all look to Cyber Monday and early Christmas decorating to put a bandaid on the omnipresence of hopelessness so many are feeling, the peddlers of hope become ever more important in our lives. Teaming once again with the Dreamville homie Cozz, and his Vasi LLC artist, Keara Alyse, Indiana rapper Mark Battles peddles his own brand of hope to the masses with his new single, Try.

“Try was one of those songs that just flowed out of me. It maybe only took me 20-30 mins to write the entire song.” Mark shared with us. “I felt like I had to speak up for the ones who aren’t spoken for.” He added. “I wanted to let them know that it’s ok to feel defeated at times but it’s important that no matter what you never stop trying.”

Mark’s sentiments are echoed almost entirely by collaborator Cozz, who told us, “I feel like this song is easily relatable to the everyday person if that makes any sense, therefore it was very easy to do my part because I felt the emotion behind it and the words just flowed. Not only do the words speak to the heart but so does the production so overall I feel it’s impossible not to fuck with it.”

Speaking of production, the heartfelt track is the brainchild co-producers JCuse with whom Mark has recorded since 2015, and Divine.

Taking advantage of the time off from touring (because of the pandemic), Mark is nearly finished with his new album!

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