Mike Brazey releases new track ‘Chit Chat’

July 5, 2020 0

Screen-Shot-2020-07-05-at-12.14.46-PM Mike Brazey releases new track 'Chit Chat'

Upcoming Philly phenom Mike Brazey just released a new track called Chit Chat. The New York grime inspired beat is the perfect pair for Brazey’s flexing and flashing rhyme scheme. 

Brazey has been making music seriously ever since the age of 18. Since taking it seriously, he has tried to move into different genres. He told me that it is very important that he keeps expanding into different genres so he can fully discover and master his personal sound. 

To date he has only put out a handful of songs, but has around 200 different tracks that he keeps tucked. This just goes to show how much Brazey likes to experiment with his sound. 

Brazey told me that his fan base is very strong and supportive. His fans were his friends, and the true fans who are reading this now don’t remember him as Brazey, but as Mike B Music. 

Brazey intends to take the fan base he has now and take it to LA or ATL. He believes that there is not much more he can still do in Philly, so it’s time to take his sound to new markets. 

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