Privaledge – Respect Don’t Expect

February 10, 2020 0

9659748 Privaledge - Respect Don't Expect


West Philadelphia rapper, Privaledge.  Privaledge has previously been featured on HipHopSince1987, following the release of his music video for “Ride or Die” in November.


No dropping a four-track, EP titled “Respect, Don’t Expect” as well as the music video for the project’s lead single, “Dunk Contest“.  After releasing the introspective, “Reality” last year, we decided to take a looser approach with this new project.  The records feature memorable hooks and the flows that Privaledge is known for from previous music.

Armed with an earworm hook, and lethal bars and metaphors, “Dunk Contest” sees Privaledge take the traditional club song formula, and make it his own.  Priv delivers his bars with a distinct aura of confidence on a bass-heavy KE on the Track Instrumental that will have fans singing along by the second hook!


Check out the EP now and stay tuned to for more work soon from Privaledge!


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