$tupid Young ft. Blueface & Mike Sherm (+ new $Y album out 12/4)

November 14, 2020 0
unnamed-1-14 $tupid Young ft. Blueface & Mike Sherm (+ new $Y album out 12/4)

“Gotta keep it player/Did so much for the city I should be the mayor.” — $tupid Young
If $tupid Young is anything, it’s consistent: since 2017’s “Mando (ft. Mozzy),” (44M views on YT to date) he’s been grinding, releasing multiple mixtapes and racking up an undeniable fanbase of over 450k monthly Spotify listeners and regularly getting 10s of millions of streams on singles. If you’re just now hopping on the wave, the Long Beach, CA, rapper offers an introduction on, “Supposed To (ft. Blueface & Mike Sherm).” He asserts that he stays down and loyal to his city through tough times and now he’s doing what he’s “supposed to,” with laser-focus on taking over the rap game. Mike Sherm and Blueface chime in with verses to make it a certified West Coast Banger™ — just what we need right now.

Cambodian-American rapper $tupid Young is one of his region’s sharpest songwriters. Ready to tell the story about how rap saved his life, $tupid Young announces From Here On Out, his upcoming debut album. The album follows a loose narrative, tracing Young’s rise from the cutthroat streets of Long Beach to his current success as a rapper and entrepreneur. The earlier songs reflect Young’s anger and reckless behavior, while the album’s later tracks reflect on his maturation into a community figure and loving father. Featuring recent singles like “Wit A Sticc” ft. Tee Grizzley (2.5 million views) and “I Can’t Change” ft. NoCapFrom Here On Out arrives on December 4th via AFFICIALS/EMPIRE.

With this drop, $tupid Young announces his official debut album, From Here On Out, due 12/4 via AFFICIALS/EMPIRE.

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