What are the Benefits When You Gain a Certification from Microsoft AZ-304 Exam?

September 22, 2020 0

What are the Benefits When You Gain a Certification from Microsoft AZ-304 Exam?

Taking a Microsoft AZ-304 test is giving your career a professional makeover. It’s a bold move that only valiant professionals undertake. Verification by one of the industry’s reputable household name is an exemplification of your professional growth. If you have to choose an association to vouch for your competencies, Microsoft should be the front-runner.


In any event, you can depend on a Microsoft certification assessment to glam up your employment status. But first, let’s recall your cognizance of the exam at present. 

Reviewing every detail of AZ-304 

A person fit to take this sought-after assessment does not just have the average skills. He or she must have expert-level proficiency in Azure administration. Besides, this ideal candidate must be familiar with DevOps processes and Azure development. The most pressing question that demands your immediate answer is this―do you currently have a first-rate skillset to ace the questions? 


In the time you have for preparation, make sure to work on designing identity and security. This area occupies a large portion of the questions. Do make allowance for designing infrastructure, too, as you encounter this topic quite often. As for the rest, devote your attention to designing business continuity, monitoring, and data storage. 


Advantages of Microsoft-approved Solutions Architects

Every exam transaction bears fruits. Answering AZ-304 test is done on purpose to receive certain benefits. Skill validation is one of them. Although this is an anticipated perk, other unforeseen gains will appear in the course of your career. And this is yet the best part about becoming certified. So what are these specifically? 


  • Bag a venerable Microsoft Certificate

Chasing after different training materials and burning the midnight oil has its good side. Earning a certification to your name is just one of them. This is a spectacular way to validate your overall standing. Now you can change your label from non-certified to certified! And not by any other organization, but Microsoft! 

A combination of two exams must be completed to acquire Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert. Prior to taking AZ-304, you have to finish AZ-303 first. This measures your caliber in implementing solutions for apps, data platforms, management, and security solutions, along with the Azure infrastructure. Some more variants to gain this certification also exist, thus instead of these two tests you can choose one of the following sets of exams: AZ-300 and AZ-301, AZ-300 and AZ-304, or AZ-301 and AZ-303.


  • Authenticate your technical command

AZ-304 impels you to the complete the requisite skills. It also drives you to get a hold of relevant subject domains. Since you’ll come across questions on data storage and monitoring, you’ll be able to carry out these tasks in reality in the company you’ll be working for. You can perform with credence and firmness. As you match up your certification with your actual performance, getting more acknowledged in the workplace becomes easier.

  • Grow together with Microsoft

Microsoft isn’t stopping at revolutionizing its technologies and services. So, what’s stopping you? It matters not how you start your career as an Azure Solutions Architect. What counts the most is how you move along in the process. Do you get complacent with your qualifications? Or do you keep on pushing yourself as a professional? 



Withstanding the pressure of Microsoft AZ-304 test strongly reveals your desire to keep your career in motion. If anything else, a certification such as Azure Solutions Architect Expert signifies that you mean business. It further allows you to tap into your highest potential. So, why wait? Plan your time effectively and follow your path of obtaining this highly sought-after badge.

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