Dwayne “Money Bo” Bowe Talks Life After the NFL, His New Music, Love Goals on OWN, Marriage & More (Video)

March 7, 2020 0

Former NFL star Dwayne Bowe had one hell of a NFL career but his life after football has him in the spotlight today.


Bowe played for the Kansas City Chiefs and Cleveland Browns in the NFL and he played his college football for the LSU Tigers. With the NFL in his rearview, Money Bo has begin a career in music with his label 82 Entertainment.


As Money Bo begins to make waves in the music business, he is also looking for growth and to become a better man in his marriage.


On Thursday March 5th, Money Bo joined Terrell Thomas as a guest on These Urban Times presents “Sideline Stories” podcast. Money Bo opened up about his NFL career, his former team the Kansas City Chiefs winning the Super Bowl, LSU’s national championship run, his new music and his upcoming relationship show “Love Goal” which is set to air on OWN network on Saturday March 7th.


Money Bo is set to star on “Love Goal” with his wife Theresa Bowe. Money Bo shared his story on how he is looking to be a better husband and the role “Love Goals” played in helping to make that happen.


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