Kendrick Bostic Talks His Film ‘The Joy Ride’, His TV Series ‘Treachery’ & More with HipHopSince1987

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kendrick-1-468x500 Kendrick Bostic Talks His Film 'The Joy Ride', His TV Series 'Treachery' & More with HipHopSince1987

Film Director Kendrick Bostic is a native of Charlotte, NC who is using his eyes and his mind to show the World his many talents. As Kendrick Bostic prepares for two of the biggest releases of his career thus far, Terrell Thomas sat down with Kendrick to learn more about his upcoming projects and was fuels his creative fire.


Before Kendrick Bostic’s upcoming film “The Joy Ride” and his TV Series “Treachery” hit Amazon Prime later this year, check out Kendrick Bostic and Terrell Thomas’ interview below.


1.) How/ When did your love for films begin?

Kendrick: I started off as a artist, who could not afford to pay for quality videos. With that being said i went and purchased my first camera which was a rebel t3i canon and began shooting my own videos with help of my friend Adrian Ruffin aka RuffGotRhymes. From there i met another director named JuiceBigFellow at power 98 in Charlotte where he let me get a cameo in one of his TV Shows called the “The Grid”. From there that inspired me to start making my own short films and comedy skits on my youtube channel.


2.) What was your life like growing up in Charlotte?

Kendrick: Growing up in Charlotte in the 90’s was cool. I was a athlete so i was involved in alot of sports. AAU basketball was my thing though. I played ball with people like seth curry at the Charlottes Stars, he was a year older tho, Stephon Gilmore, Damier Pitts, Titus Robinson, Domontez Stitt (RIP). Alot of those guys went pro or either played over seas. But growing up it was cool


3.) When did you begin the process of creating “The Joy Ride”?

Kendrick: I Started Filming “The Joy Ride” Back in 2018. At first it started off as a comedy skit. Then it turned into a short Film,  and now its my first feature film coming out May 29 2020

4.) What is the film “The Joy Ride” about?

Kendrick: The Film is about two guys riding around just doing the normal. They end up losing there friends mom car. So they have to get the car back and in doing so they borrow money from a known dealer in the city and lose the money. So they have to find a way to get her money back and the car


5.) How did you go about casting for “The Joy Ride”

Kendrick: Casting really kinda just fell in my lap. I had help from Deon “Dubble Dee” Cannon who played 3 dreads the main character in the film. We kinda just gathered people we knew and gave them a chance. So everyone you see in this movie was a first time actor


6.) “The Joy Ride” is set to debut on Amazon Prime. How did you set that up?

Kendrick: Basically just doing research and finding a source. We are actually looking at having the film on other streaming platforms as well but i will not announce until we get a confirm.


7.) You also have another project releasing later this year. What will your TV Series “Treachery” be about?

Kendrick: Treachery is a series that i develop from my short film called betrayal which is out on youtube now  Its about two girls who work for a bounty hunter agency. And They end up killing a fbi agent who was set to testify against the secretary of defense. But when they went to kill him one of the female agents grabbed some information that she wasnt suppose to which leads to a big mess & them finding out how dirty the government is and they end up trying to take down the secretary of defense with the help of a CIA agent and a dirty FBI agent who turns good in the end.


8.) What was the difference you seen in filming a movie vs. filming a TV series?

Kendrick: Well its really no difference in the filming process. Its more so the writing process. with a film its beginning, middle, plot, end. with a tv series its all that and some and the biggest thing is keeping the story interesting enough to keep people intune and leaving cliffs to keep the story going. And its 10 hours vs hour and half movie. 1 each episode


9.) What advice would you share with up and coming film directors

Kendrick: Write. Write Write. Be organized. Know what you want and get it done. And a good storyline will get you a long way

10.) What’s next for your career? What plans do you have for the rest of the year?

Kendrick:  Man really i just plan on releasing joy ride and getting the numbers up to possibly sell the film and start a franchise with it And the same with Treachery. I got a couple other films im writing but imma keep them in the vault until these two projects run there course.


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