February 17, 2020 0


Armed with the fastest and freshest flows in their hometown, Mal & Quill have an electrifying chemistry. Reconnecting for the first time since last summer’s “Wave” single, the Zone 6 duo shares “Back @ It,” a brand new music video.

Watch Mal & Quill’s “Back @ It”:
Weaving their way through minor-key pianos and syncopated hi-hats courtesy of Kino Beats, Mal & Quill celebrate their success with rhythmic interplay, craftily confirming their boss status. The video alternates daytime shots on a South Beach balcony with nights in Miami backstreets, as the impeccably-dressed duo bop to the tune of their own banger.
“Back @ It” is a single from Don Quillon, Lil Quill’s recent mixtape. Assisted by an early co-sign from Zone 6 legend Gucci Mane, Mal & Quill became known for their street famous Blessed Lil Bastards mixtape series.

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