CEO Of Lingerie Line “Courtesy of Catelyn” Releases Creative Pieces

August 31, 2021 0

Brieana Gillyard fell in love with lingerie design, going through her cognitive life shopping, browsing and observing. A fan of detail, Brieana noticed that Victoria’s Secret was the store that always caught her attention the most. Eventually relating lingerie to the representation of mystery, and sensuality, Brieana felt like she could contribute to the garments made for women’s confidence, and that all started with the launch of her own lingerie business called “Courtesy of Catelyn”.

Boosting self-awareness, body positivity and body autonomy, Brieana is promoting her lingerie business to women so they can feel good about themselves and love what they see! With her new brand, customers can shop an array of pieces from Courtesy of Catelyn.  

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