Comethazine The Album

October 25, 2021 0

unnamed-39 Comethazine The Album

Clocking in with 18 tracks in 33 minutes, Comethazine The Album is a Comethazine epic. It’s the story of a lone wolf twisting out of the constraints of societal norms and assuming the position as rap’s favorite supervillain. In true Comethazine fashion, the bars are sharp, gruesome, and generally time out at 2 minutes.

Like all Comethazine albums before it, Comethazine The Album boasts no features. It’s all Comethazine, all the time. The Alamo Records artist is also taking the lead on his music videos! He directed, edited, and starred in the video for the album’s first single Spinback.”

Comethazine also dropped the video for Six Flags.” Additional highlights off the album include “4 Deep,” “I Been Love Guns,” and album opener “No Hype.” Comethazine The Album is available everywhere via Alamo Records!


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