Dance the night away to the tune of Melrose’s “Move Like That”

October 6, 2021 0

A315DE3A-CF45-4EB7-A725-8247BEF958B9-332x500 Dance the night away to the tune of Melrose’s “Move Like That”

Have you ever wished you could enjoy the thrills of a party without leaving your house? Melrose’s new single “Move Like That” sets the tone for dancing and partying no matter where it’s played. As the name implies, the song is groovy and funky, and it has received a lot of attention from fans.

The track “Move Like That” offers a unique spin on house music. It entices you to dance while keeping sonically distinct. It’s unlike any other electronic dance music track you’ve ever heard. It isn’t like the majority of music. And it’s one of the things that distinguishes Melrose from his competitors.

Melrose collaborated with Rumor Records to produce this track. With “Move Like That,” they performed a terrific job. They also contributed to the creation of Melrose’s debut EP as well as two more tracks. Because it offered us such great tracks to listen to, our relationship was a match made in heaven.

You can listen to the song here:

Melrose’s Instagram account may be found at in order to keep up with his work.

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