DarwinLives Releases Hit New Song “Scenic”

February 22, 2021 0

DarwinLives-5 DarwinLives Releases Hit New Song “Scenic”

Having grown up in the Uptown Manhattan area of New York, DarwinLives is taking the deep history of NY hip hop music and putting his own spin on it. With many new songs on the way for the young artist, he sets the bar high for himself. He knows what he’s capable of and won’t anything prove him differently. He recently released a handful of songs, including “Scenic,” which is an absolute must add to any playlist.

Scenic” helps you envision a time when you were driving the back roads without a care in the world. The real beauty we recognize in the world around us, and this was the exact same vibe that DarwinLives was going for in the song, and he delivered perfectly.

Scenic” is s song of true beauty that deserves more recognition than it is receiving. Check it and all of DarwinLives’ other songs out over on Spotify.

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