Detroit’s Lil Blade Drops “Born Legend” EP!

March 25, 2021 0
Born-Legend Detroit's Lil Blade Drops "Born Legend" EP!

“This ain’t no fake life, I played the cards I was dealt.”

Detroit’s Prince, Lil Blade (@Lilblade325), celebrated his birthday with a new EP entitled Born Legend. The 7-track project features impressive contributions from former Motown signee Icewear Vezzo (@icewear_vezzo) and Sterl Gotti (@sterlgotti). Lil Blade has been beloved by his city since he was born. His father’s acclaim in the D is widely known, so naturally, Blade was able to make a name for himself early. The slick-talking playboy channels his inner Bill Bellamy for the whole EP. His calming Motor City tone and smooth beat selection lend well to his witty bars. 

Lil Blade is Detroit through and through. He embodies all of the qualities of a star rapper. The ladies love him, and the guys want to hang with him. Born Legend is a quality follow-up to his street classic Money Making Blade. Now that he has the city’s support musically, he looks forward to elevating his sound and dropping Money Making Blade 2 before the end of the summer. He and his whole team are poised to rise to prominence with the rest of the city’s bubbling acts. Born Legend is the perfect way to celebrate a birthday for Blade. 

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