DJ Gutta Butta, Slimmy B and BandGang Lonnie Connect on “No Passes”

October 1, 2021 0

hqdefault DJ Gutta Butta, Slimmy B and BandGang Lonnie Connect on "No Passes"

Two of the most vibrant scenes in rap today, Detroit and the Bay Area have always shared an underdog’s mentality, a hustler’s heart, and love for hyperactive instrumentals. Furthering the ages old connection between the two regions–one that once sparked E-40 to call Detroit and the Bay “cousins“– Vallejo’s DJ Gutta Butta and Slimmy B share the video for No Passes,” featuring 6 Mile’s BandGang Lonnie Bands. Blessed with an off-kilter piano instrumental that melds the sounds of the D and the Bay, complementing energetic piano arpeggios with sonorous steel drums, “No Passes” is a no-hook flex fest, both emcees applying their signature styles as they discuss their VIP status in the streets: “Damn, 300 bands feel good, don’t it?” asks Slimmy, while Lonnie brags about being “independent with 100 million streams.” In the video, both rappers and DJ Gutta Butta connect in the cut, as they roast blunts and count cash in a neighborhood body shop. “No Passes” is the latest video from All Net, the new collaborative EP by DJ Gutta Butta and Slimmy B.

Compiling six new songs that run the street rap spectrum, All Net gets its power from Slimmy B’s breakneck, against-the-beat flow and his casually flossy flexes. A&R’d by Gutta Butta, a Bay Area music scene jack-of-all-trades, the new EP teams Slimmy with a variety of the rawest rappers in the Bay Area, including Slimmy’s ex-SOB x RBE brother DaBoii on “Strap With Me,” and rising melodic rappers Lil Bean and MBNel on the recent single “Bag Time.” Gutta Butta also connects Slimmy with yet another Detroit all-star, bringing in Icewear Vezzo for recent single Sh*t Talking“” Though Slimmy loves the Warriors and Gutta Butta pledges allegiance to the Lakers (RIP Kobe), the two make a perfect tag team on the new EP. All Net is available to stream on all platforms via Purple Lane Ent.

A renaissance man with ventures in many aspects of the music industry, Vallejo native DJ Gutta Butta a crucial role in the Bay Area rap scene. Known for his signature #YesYes DJ drop, he’s most prominently a DJ and mixtape host, using his connections to put together tapes for artists like Benny and Salsalino, generating millions of streams and getting radio spins on KMEL for hits like Benny’s “Weekend.” He’s also an experienced concert promoter, putting on shows in the Bay for artists like Nef The Pharaoh, Cuban Doll, Icewear Vezzo, and OMB Peezy. When he’s not making moves in the music world, Gutta Butta spends his time breeding American and French bulldogs.

Gutta Butta first connected with Slimmy B for the 2017 single “U Ain’t Ready,” a local favorite slap in the Bay, and they’ve been friends ever since. With All Net, the DJ/rapper duo looks to make waves in the Bay and beyond.

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All Net EP tracklist:
1. Shit Talking ft. Icewear Vezzo
2. Yea I Know ft. Bthergang Vonnie
3. Strap With Me ft. DaBoii
4. For The Night ft. Cheerio
5. No Passes ft. Bandgang Lonnie Bands
6. Bag Time ft. Lil Bean & MBNel

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