From the Ground Up: How Vincent Zirah Became a Musician and Designed a Streaming Platform from Scratch

July 14, 2021 0
image-2 From the Ground Up: How Vincent Zirah Became a Musician and Designed a Streaming Platform from Scratch

In life, there are many things far less complicated than our minds make them out to be. But people don’t qualify for that statement. Every person you’ll ever meet – even the seemingly more straightforward ones – is a is deep and complex individual, someone made up of countless experiences, opinions, thoughts, and passions. And what brings all these diverse peoples together is nothing more than the music itself.

Vincent Zirah’s no different, an entrepreneurial man who has dabbled in everything, with eggs in all sorts of baskets due to varied business interests. However, he’s probably best known as the founder of the music streaming service Infigroove, a platform that aims to compete with the biggest companies by offering music streaming with the same features as Apple Music, Spotify, and Tidal. The kicker, though? It’s offered all for free, without any limitations, and with absolutely no advertising. 

The idea of it was an exceptional departure from the norms of 2015, the year that Infigroove was first formed. Premium streaming was well on its way to becoming a sort of worldwide institution, but it was always conceived to come with an equally premium price tag. 

But the unknowing future platform-owner stood puzzled by this business move. The French Geniuslix founder understood from early on that not everyone has the same access he does, unable to take advantage of the transformative power of music because of either money or restrictive local censorship laws. 

So, he decided to do something about it. Infigroove popped up not long after, taking the intuitive UI and look of popular services like Apple Music and combining it with a smart algorithm that crosses music provider databases and YouTube-published videos. The reason for this was simple: it could legally bring more ad-free, quality music to more people, even those within disadvantaged countries and regions. 

It has since done just that, capturing the attention of people from middle America to the Middle East and everywhere in-between. That didn’t just happen overnight, though, nor did it happen by the grace of good luck alone. It took countless sleepless nights and extensive development practice; Vincent Zirah’s skills all self-taught online, as is common for a growing number of digital natives. 

Naturally, the development of Infigroove was done in several progressive stages. When Vincent Zirah launched the first version of the platform, it was admittedly elementary in comparison with the current version but became something much more cohesive and polished in the coming months and years thanks to support from other members of the community who helped debugging efforts of the whole site and the incremental integration of new features. 

However, once the main building process was largely finished, the site founder still had an itch to do something more, something new. After much consideration, the lightbulb in his head went off, and he began to feel a new drive: to move from creating a streaming platform to making the music offered on it. Now, five years after the launch of Infigroove, Vincent Zirah’s committed himself to the cause, seeking to get more in touch with the artists that are the backbone of his service by walking a mile in their shoes. It might sound crazy to those on the outside looking in, but it’s been working. Despite not playing a traditional instrument, the new musician has produced two solid tracks, “Better Mood” and “Evolution,” both energetic, addictive, and successful in their own way, with a third track soon to be on its way. It hasn’t been a “normal” music career by a long shot, but it’s something totally his, built from the ground up.

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