George Pham and his unique approach on Hip-Hop

December 17, 2021 0

unnamed-5-1 George Pham and his unique approach on Hip-Hop

George Pham is known for being a producer and musical artist, George was born and raised in a small town in the South Island of New Zealand. George creates and produces ‘lo-fi’ hip-hop for his audience to be streamed on many platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music. George told us that his interest, background thoughts and motives tie in and produce a special and unique story.


George told us the music he produces is defined as;


A sort of downtempo that combines parts of both hip hop and chill-out music.  The word “Lo-fi” is actually short for “low fidelity” and when it first arose it was seen to be a low-quality track or recording with flaws and defects, such as background noise or performance errors, recorded with inexpensive and cheap equipment on a budget, pretty much the opposite of high fidelity or hi-fi production and not needing fancy gear.”

George also told us that ever since he was in primary school, he fell in love with the unique and oddly specific genre of lo-fi hip-hop. He mentioned that lo-fi was something that was so distinctive to any other genre he had listened to before. George stated that ever since he was young, he wanted to be distinctive and stand out from his peers and the people around him. Creating and producing music was so different to him and he wanted to try it out, offering him a new lease on life and a new path.

George said that lo-fi and music, in general, are extremely meaningful to him And lo-fi specifically has helped him calm down in the most stressful of situations. George spoke on situations such as ‘studying for a test that was the next day or ‘finishing off school work that was due early that morning.

unnamed-6-1 George Pham and his unique approach on Hip-Hop


He continued to listen to the genre until late 2020 when George released his first song titled ‘Two Ways’ via multiple distributors. George spoke on his audience and supporters, mentioning that the support for his decision to become a music producer was ‘outstanding’ and ‘overwhelming’


A response like that from his audience fueled him and gave him more motivation to put work in day and night creating tracks.


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