Isaac Sage takes center stage with debut single ‘Star Power’

January 25, 2021 0
Attachment_1611534322 Isaac Sage takes center stage with debut single ‘Star Power’

First impressions make or break an artist, and Isaac Sage comes hard with his first rendition to the world.

New York based artist, Isaac Sage has been aiming for primetime since he was only 10 years of age practicing and refining the sound the world has now been given the opportunity to experience. His passion began rooting deeper the more he was exposed to the different sounds and melodies that music evolved to have. During his adolescence, he began writing music of his own, and he has finally let the music industry hear the talent that his grind and dedication has allowed.

At the height of the new year Isaac released his debut single ‘Star Power,’ a hit to say the least. It’s reminiscent of modern-day creative melodies over a beat that grabs your attention and compliments Isaac’s flow and lyrics. ‘Star Power’ serves as the first sound the world hears from Isaac Sage but surely won’t be the last. Currently he is working on several tracks and videos to release throughout 2021, as well as his debut full length project, a pop rock EP.

Isaac Sage is ready to prove his worth as an artist to the world and doing so at the onset with his single ‘Star Power.’ Stream his debut single and follow Isaac online to remain up to date with his upcoming projects.



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