Key Glock – Off The Porch (Prod by Chase The Money)

January 7, 2021 0
unnamed Key Glock - Off The Porch (Prod by Chase The Money)

ChaseTheMoney produces Key Glock’s new single “Off The Porch,” which is an eerie, bass-heavy banger. The Memphis rapper floats over the beat, delivering relaxed but menacing bars about being “Mr. Glock,” and taking you to school, riding 10 speeds before upgrading to coupes.

In the video, Key Glock furthers the yellow imagery of his 2020 Yellow Tape era, surrounded by a yellow coupe and bicycle. Glock raps into a dangling mic and after he delivers his last bar the mic bursts into flames, naturally.

“Off The Porch,” follows up Key Glock’s May release of Son Of A Gun and January’s Yellow TapeHip-Hop’s foremost purveyor of blunt-force punchlines, Key Glock never stops grinding. Coming through with two heavy-hitting projects, stacking flex after flex with wit and panache, 2020 finds Key Glock one of rap’s most locked in and consistent. Check out the song and video, let us know what you think in the comments, and stay tuned to for more work soon from Key Glock.

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