Mask on! Weku Did That is the music industry’s phantom producer

September 21, 2021 0

51018116-0D0F-485E-8EC6-EABE042BBEFD-500x500 Mask on! Weku Did That is the music industry’s phantom producer  Many have seen him on Instagram in his signature full face mask, but few have actually seen his face. Hip-Hop and R&B producer Weku Did That has definitely set himself apart from the rest. He has released an instrumental album titled “The Case for R&B” on all major streaming platforms. This project is filled with alternative, classic, and pop styles of R&B production and is considered every singers dream. When speaking with the producer he let us know that R&B has always been a passion of his and that is why he decided to put the energy into making something that had a vibe made for singers. So, whether you are a singer or a sanger he states, “There is something in there for you”.
On the flip side of this we see and hear him ushering in a new style of production with his latest instrumental album amply titled “Trap Rock”. When you think Trap Rock think 808’s and electric guitars. The producer states, “I’ve loved rock and roll since I was a little kid but being Nigerian, the music wasn’t culturally pleasing to my parents”. Weku Did That has been producing for 10 plus years and has recent placements with multi-platinum selling songwriter, Mickey Shiloh, and some of his latest work with friend and collaborator Rene Bonét, has been featured on Revolt TV. He has also had his name attached to bigger projects on the mainstream scene as both a record producer and a cinematographer which is very rare. Companies that include, B.E.T., Nickelodeon, Vans, Sprite, and many more.
It’s obvious that he is establishing quite the reputation in an industry where having a unique style is the key to a long and vibrant career. Concealing his identity has placed him amongst the ranks of other celebrity musicians like, Marshmello and Daft Punk and he seems to fit right in. He is definitely a talent that we should keep watch on whether he is behind the

camera directing or in the studio producing another hit song! He is pushing out extreme quality and creativity with everything he is attaching his brand to, and we can only wonder what the future holds for the industry’s phantom producer. Check out some of Weku Did That’s work through the links below and follow him on all social media platforms.
IG: @_weku
Twitter: @wekudidthat Facebook: @wekudidthatofficial

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