Michael Shaye Releases New Intellectual Album “MITAD DIOS”

November 1, 2021 0
662812A5-CCB6-4450-A9EB-0B91DC0EA4C4-334x500 Michael Shaye Releases New Intellectual Album "MITAD DIOS"
Rising PA-bred artist Michael Shaye is closing out the fourth quarter of 2021 with a bang, unveiling his new intellectual full body project release called “MITAD DIOS.” Michael Shaye’s artistry and lyricism is calculated and naturally conveyed. Michael Shaye is beyond creative in creating solid content. His experience in showcasing his musical creativity all translates to the finished project of MITAD DIOS.
Michael Shaye has even opened for the late DMX, and even simply performing on some of Philadelphia, PA’s most notable stages. Not new to the stage or pleasing the crowd, Michael Shaye is locked into his craft 100%, and MITAD DIOS is a perfect example of how calculated he is when it comes to him creating music. Lyrical and compelling, MITAD DIOS is a 19-track collective, all providing great sound and intellectuality. Every song on MITAD DIOS has a solid message. Stream MITAD DIOS  here.

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