Mike Thompson’s Innovative Approach to Production is Turning Heads

November 15, 2021 0

Screen-Shot-2021-11-15-at-9.24.27-PM Mike Thompson's Innovative Approach to Production is Turning Heads

Many of today’s aspiring artists on the scene might not fully grasp the importance of production and what thinking about it can do for your music. Production is essentially the idea of setting the bar higher in terms of sounds, arrangements, and musicianship. A good producer is almost like a coach for an artist, and they could help the performer take it to the next level. Mike Thompson is one of the most buzzed-about producers in recent times, and his innovative approach to music production is making waves in the industry. Mike is the founder of Hexproof Music, a company dedicated to supporting aspiring artists and helping them unfold the unique vibes of their artistry.

One of the unique elements to know about Mike Thompson’s music production approach is that he doesn’t take a “cookie-cutter” route. Some producers always use the same old bag of tricks in any situation, while Mike is all about getting to know each artist he works with. What do they want to achieve with their music? What is their goal? What is their personality? He is always looking to help artists tell their stories and not simply imprint his perspective. The hallmark of his producer is not to replace the artist and “correct” them but rather enhance them!

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