MusicByFortune Releases “Keep It Real” With Lil Tjay & Relle Bey

February 22, 2021 0
MusicByFortune-1 MusicByFortune Releases “Keep It Real” With Lil Tjay & Relle Bey

New York based artist MusicByFortune teamed up with two of the cities fastest rising stars Lil Tjay & Relle Bey, on his new track, “Keep It Real.”

“Keep It Real” lasts just under 3 minutes in listening time and features each artist’s perspectives on love. The track’s instrumental is based on soft pads, vocal samples, upbeat drum patterns, and heavy-hitting 808s. 

The track is a perfect fit for Lil Tjay’s first verse, as the New York king is known for his songs about heartbreak. The multi-platinum artist comes in first with lyrics about how his partner has changed as he watches from a distance. The tracks’ hook keeps the ride going, and the second verse adds a new perspective to it all. MusicByFortune gives us his perspective on love, talking about moving on even when it can be so difficult. 

From start to finish the track is a vibe, and each artist did their part to contribute. 

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